Monorail X Ceremony

In early 2019, Stephanie Hsie and Karen Chung, partnered on what they thought would be a one-time sale of hand-thrown ceramic teacups. They stamped their first creations with handmade clay stamps that read 茶 or 차 — tea in Korean and Chinese. This was the beginning of Seven Spice — a creative collaboration between Chung and Hsie, inspired by their Korean and Taiwanese heritage — which led the way to opening their very own studio with fellow ceramicist Corey Gutch.

Sitting on the floor of their brand new, tiny, and empty studio, the three dreamed of the kinds of works they wanted to create in their new space. They named the studio Ceremony, while welcoming Gutch as their third partner into the fold.

Seven Spice remains as a popular line of products from Ceremony, and includes the meticulously illustrated teacups that first brought them together.

To Hsie, Chung, and Gutch, the practice of combining earth with water and fire to create ceramics is sacred and ceremonial in itself. Their hope is that the pieces you collect, share, and give from Ceremony can enrich your own daily rituals and ceremonies, whether it’s a meal, meditation, or a celebration.

Monorail X Ceremony
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